Getting to Know Facebook Insights Analytics

Facebook provides a set of analytics called Insights which provides a detailed view how people are engaging with your Facebook Page. The Overview tab provides a summary of page likes, post reach and engagement.

The Likes tab provides detail about the growth in number of page likes over a selected time span as well as information about the sources of those page likes.

The Reach tab within Insights shows how much reach your posts have obtained from both organic and paid sources.

On the Page Views tab you can see detail on where users visit on your Facebook page. The Page and Tabs chart displays the number of views to your timeline, info tab and photos tab. The Other Page Activity chart shows the number of actions people take, such as mentions, posts by others, check-ins and offers purchased. The External Referrers chart shows data about the sites that refer the most traffic to your page as well as a link to view other sites referring traffic.

The Posts tab provides insight into the posts and activity on the page. A chart provides information about when your fans are online. Detailed information about individual posts can be found in the All Posts Published section, including targeting, reach and engagement. You select different views for the chart, such as viewing posts by fans and non-fans.

You can learn about the demographics of the people interacting with your Page under the People tab within Insights. You can see information about users' gender, age, location and language. This can provide insight into whether the users you are reach represent your company's target customer or whether you will need to make adjustments to align your network with your ideal demographic groups.

The Pages to Watch section of your Page admin screen also provides a place to select your competitor’s Pages in order to track their level of activity over time. This is not directly part of Insights, but is a useful tool to keep track of the competition. For example, if a competing page has a sudden increase in engagement, you can review what they have been sharing on their page to see what might be the reason to the increase.

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