What to Share on a Facebook Page

The people who liked your page have demonstrated interest in your company and engaging them will strengthen that relationship. A business Facebook Page is an ideal channel to share relevant information with your audience and to build mindshare with prospective customers. Some human-interest items can add a personal touch to your page, such as recognizing an employee’s achievement or sharing photos from an event. However, it is a business page and you should always keep things professional.

Things to share on a Facebook Page include:
  • New product introductions. People who have expressed interest in your company by liking your page would likely be interested in hearing about new products and services. Within the context of your network, announcing a new product may equate to sharing relevant content. Describing what is new or unique about the product increases the relevance of your post even and you should always provide a link to the product page or press announcement on your website so interested users can get more information.
  • Sales and promotions. Sales and promotions for your products are likely to be of interest to people in your network In fact, they are probably more likely to convert on such an offer compared to the general population since they have expressed interest in your company already. For this reason, you may want to ‘reward’ your network with a special offer that is only available through your page – this can increase the probability of conversion even more.
  • Business updates. Updating your network on business milestones and other newsworthy events may also be of interest to your audience. Relevant topics can include hitting a major sales milestones, new executive hires and company acquisitions. Be sure to consider that your audience members are most interested in posts that have the most direct impact to them, so business updates should not outweigh more practical posts.
  • Product tips and helpful hints. Product tips and how-to posts are often the most relevant and engaging for the followers of a business on social media. Including a video or linking to more detailed information can increase relevancy. You may also wish to solicit your followers to have them post the various ways they have used your product. This not only increases engagement with your users but having them post on your behalf is also an implied endorsement of your product. As an added benefit, users in their network may see their post on your wall which can result in some added likes to your page.
  • Conferences. The same type of people who like your page may also be the same type of people who interested in the conferences you are attending. Be sure to note if your company is speaking at the conference or has an exhibit. Tying a sale or promotion in with the conference can also be an effective tactic.
  • Special events. Special events are also a great opportunities to engage the followers of your page. These events can include holidays, change of seasons, weather events, cultural activities, sporting events, or newsworthy items.
  • Photos. Sharing a photo with your network from a company event, conference, or spontaneous employee moment can provide a personal touch to your Facebook Page’s wall. You should always get permission from employees and customers before sharing their image on social media.
  • Links to blog posts. If your company has a blog, providing a brief summary and link to a new post can be a useful way to both engage your Facebook network and to build traffic to your blog. You can Invite discussion on your Page about the post to further prime engagement by your audience.
  • Links to industry articles and news stories. Sharing on social media should not just be about content your company created but should also include items from other sources that would be of interest to your network. Doing so helps reinforce the impression that you are an expert in the industry and a valuable resource.

Engaging the people who have self-selected to hear from you will strengthen your relationship with them. Keep it interesting, useful, and professional. Your Facebook network wants to hear from you and engage.

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