Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the social network for professionals and every business person would be well advised to be an active participant on the platform. LinkedIn is a great place to network with colleagues, clients and others in your industry. With over 400 million members, it is the go-to destination for business networking.

Whether you are just starting out on LinkedIn or you are a veteran, it is important to optimize your presence on the networl. In order to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile, it should contain detailed and relevant information about your skills and work experience. Having a rich profile tells your professional story and reinforces your personal brand.

  • Add a photo. Profiles with a profile photo are 7 times more likely to be viewed than those without. Ideally, your photo should be a professional headshot, but a ‘professional-looking’ photo will also work.
  • Add a summary. Your summary should be at least 40 words and should provide an overview of your experience and skills. Be sure to include relevant keywords within your summary in order to increase your visibility within searches.
  • Provide a list of your skills. Skills provide more relevant information about your areas of knowledge, keywords on your page and are an opportunity for your connections to endorse you.
  • Include your work experience. List the prior companies you worked for and key accomplishments. Rich media can be included, such as presentation slides and videos. This provides a way for former colleagues to find you and connect with you. It also details the extent of your professional experience for others wh may be viewing your profile.
  • List your memberships within professional organizations. Displaying your professional memberships on your profile build your credibility as an industry expert. This also provides relevant keywords that can help people find you in a search.
  • Display your industry certifications. Including your industry certifications on your profile serves a similar purpose as your memberships in professional organizations and is just as important.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile helps you increase the chances that you will show up in relevant searches and can shape your personal branding. Be sure to periodically review your profile and keep your information up to date. LinkedIn can be a very valuable tool, so take advantage of all of the opportunities it provides.

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